BioXmark™ is a injectable liquid marker visible on 2D X-ray


Nanovi’s liquid marker, BioXmark, is characterized by high contrast level per volume and creates a large 3D object when injected. It is easily visible on a range of image modalities including Ultra Sound, MRI, CT and 2D X-ray such as e.g. ExacTrac and fluoroscopy. Only a small volume is needed to be injected through a thin needle due to high density. It potentially reduces the risk for pneumothorax in lung cancer.


Injected through a thin needle...






 ...and still forming a large three-dimensional object






Markers available today

Although many different markers exists,  a need remains for a marked with good contrast injectable though a thin needle. Most of the available markers are solid type. Markers are today routinely used in radiation treatment of prostate cancer; however, a profound medical need exists for markers that can be used in other types of cancer such as e.g. lung cancer where a marker is required to guide the treatment without being associated with the risk of pneumothorax.


Market size

The number of radiotherapy procedures performed worldwide among wealthier people, in which a marker will have a significant impact on treatment outcome, is approximately 1 million therapy procedures per year. Half of the procedures are performed in patients with prostate and lung cancer, distributed approximately equally between patients with the two types of cancer. The other half of the treatment procedures are conducted in several other types of cancer.